10 Not-your-everyday-valentine’s-day-gift Ideas

I simply refuse to buy Valentine’s day merchandise. I don’t like giving nor receiving red teddy bears, chocolates, cards, roses and “I love you” good-for-nothings for Valentine’s day. I think they’re a complete waste of money and take up space in my already “cozy” home until I eventually decide to throw the stuff away. The day of romance and love should be a reason to give your significant other something thoughtful yet simple. Here are a couple of different ideas that are un-valentine’s-like yet still romantic.

P.S. These ideas are unisex gift ideas. Although I refer to him/he in this post, it can be replaced with her/she.

1. Journal and Pen

I love shopping for a journal. You get such a wide range with different colours, pictures and covers that you’re guaranteed to find something that suits the person. Get a nice black fountain pen to go with it and write the date and something romantic on the first page of the journal – no card needed.


2. Board game or Puzzle

This is great because you can spend time together building the puzzle or have hours of fun with a simple board game. If you go with the puzzle, choose something that will look good in a frame on the wall. This way you’ll forever be reminded what you built together-the puzzle and the relationship. I’m not even going into all the mushy things you can come up with about him being your puzzle piece…. ‘nuf said.


3. Massage Oil

Mmm this gift speaks for itself. Of course you need to be prepared to be the one giving the massage. Find some massage oil that has a particular fragrance he likes. You can also add a personalised note entitling the receiver of the massage to one massage per week… who know’s, he might just return the favour…


4. Recipe Book

Let him choose one of the recipes from the book and cook it for him, or cook together. Plan ahead so that you can still go buy the necessary ingredients after you’ve given the book. If he’s not a foodie, you can use the book to treat him as often as you/he likes. Get a good bottle of wine and some candles and you’re good to go. Don’t forget dessert!

red wine with food

 5. Luxury Bathrobe

Okay this might be more for her than him. We went away for the weekend and they had these super-soft, heavy, luxurious, white his-and-her bathrobes. I loved the way it felt on my skin after a bath and I had a hard time parting with it. Come birthday and hubby had gotten me my very own one with my name embroidered on. Much love!


6. Herb Seeds and Pots

There is something so rewarding about seeing your plants grow from scratch, and herbs are easy enough to start with. The little planters look beautiful in a kitchen window or on a sunny patio. A pleasant way to remember you by.

herb seeds and pots

7. Take Classes Together

Be it photography, dancing, cooking or joining a sport club, this is a fun way to actively spend time together. Find something he’s interested in, book it and set up a cute invitation for the activity.

cooking together

8. Super-fluffy cozy TV blanket

Falling asleep on the couch and waking up with a luxury blanket on you can make you easily fall in love all over again! The key is to shop around for one that is so soft it feels like you’re hugging fuzzy clouds. Fleece and bamboo are good options, but the proof really is in the cuddling!

softest blanket

 9.  Fire Boma

I call my husband my caveman. He absolutely loves making a fire, sitting by the fire, drinking by the fire, cooking with a fire and thinking about all of life’s philosophies around the fire. So you can imagine the pure joy when I got him a proper boma. Even as I was typing this now he asked: “What do you think of making a fire?” I just burst out laughing… Throw in some wood, fire starters and marshmallows and enjoy one of nature’s finest elements under the stars.


 10. Travel Atlas

It could be a book, an earth globe or an old rolled up atlas, mark off all the places you’d like to go and give it to him with the promise of world travel. You can also keep it local. Find a tourist’s guide book to all the attractions close to where you live and make a point of visiting your favourite ones over weekends and holidays. You can even pre-book the trip and surprise him.


Remember that it’s not so much about the gift or the money you spend, but rather the thought and effort behind it. Happy hunting boys and girls!


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