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August 24th, 2015 by Jessica

It happens like this… I’m on my way to work on a regular Tuesday morning when I catch a glimpse of a poster that instantly makes my day, informing me that the Good Food and Wine Show is coming up! While still driving, I illegally get my husband on the phone and share my excitement! Since being a grownup and appreciating things that I would’ve found boring a few years back, I’ve ditched my yearly Oppikoppi excursion for the Good Food and Wine Show, which has become my favorite event of the year. Not to mention that I easily spend the same amount on alcohol and food that I would at a music festival, I just don’t consume it all in one weekend, although I do give myself a run for my money.

Think gourmet foods, cheap and expensive wines, celebrity chefs, free tasters, giveaways, chocolate, cheese, sauces, kitchen gadgets and just overall good fun. It’s the perfect event to dress up a little, spend money impulsively and tap into your sophisticated self. Grab a glass and get carried away with all the wonderful flavors –  It’s like speed dating with food.

Here are some memories from 2015’s Good Food & Wine Show…

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July 16th, 2015 by Jessica

Have you ever been into a LUSH store? I stumbled upon one at the Cape Town Waterfront and I found myself in heaven. The first thing that hits you is the smell and you’ll start getting excited like a little kid at Christmas. It’s the ultimate bath and body shop overflowing with amazing handmade soaps, salts, scrubs and soaks. They have an entire range of bath melts that look edible – YES, I know! Imagine bath bombs that look and smell like cupcakes and chocolate brownies! Needless to say, by the time I finally exited the store, I was bankrupt.
Here’s a whiff of what you’ll find in a LUSH store.

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June 25th, 2015 by Jessica

What sits in the corner, but travels the world? A stamp! But bad jokes aside, you can now stay at home and travel the world too.

I first read about Postcrossing in an old Ideas magazine. It came with a couple of free postcards to get you started and I remember buying the mag without reading the article and didn’t know what to do with the worthless postcards. When I finally did read it, I rummaged through my drawers to find them so I can get started! The project is about sending and receiving postcards to random members around the world. The cool thing about it is that you never send or receive a card from the same person. Once a card you sent gets delivered, you will receive a card from another random person! Of course it does allow you the option for direct swaps if you’d like to stay in touch with someone.

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August 6th, 2013 by Jessica

Here are a few suggestions for accommodation near some wedding venues in Pretoria East, like Riverside Castle, L’Aquila, Gecko Ridge, Casa-Lee Country Lodge, Casablanca Manor, Chez Charlene, Merops, Boskapel and more! Our own wedding guests were very pleased with their stay at some of the following guest houses and lodges in the Shere area of Pretoria East. If you decide to book any of the following options, please do so online via these links! It’s safe, easy and will contribute to building my website at no extra cost to you!

Enjoy your stay!

Ren & Jess

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