How to make Chili and Garlic Infused Oil

Chili and garlic oil gift

Flavored oils are a must in the kitchen. Not only do they look really pretty standing next to the stove, but they add some extra zest to any dish when you feel like your palette just isn’t feelin’ it. Great as a salad dressing or drizzling over pizza and pasta. Decide which herbs and flavours you want to use and go from there. You can make a collection of three different flavors and give it as  housewarming gifts to your foodie friends and family. Suggestions include thyme, rosemary, sage, basil and oregano.

You’ll need:

Here’s how:

Step 1:  Wash your bottle with soap and water and let it dry thoroughly by placing it in the sun or leaving them out to dry overnight.

Step 2:  You can use dried or fresh ingredients. Just make sure that you dry out your fresh ingredients to prevent bacteria growth in the oil from the moisture found in fresh herbs, garlic and chillies. Wash and dry them by leaving them out in the sun for several hours or on a tray in the oven on a low heat – about 70°C for 3 hours. Leave the oven door slightly open for air to circulate.

Step 3:  Insert the rosemary sprig into the bottle and add some of the dried garlic and chili to the bottom.

Chili and garlic oil bottle

Step 4:  Heat the oil with the herbs, chilli and garlic on the stove to infuse the flavours. Allow to cool to room temperature before pouring into the bottle. You can also strain the oil through a sieve for a clear look.


Final Step:  Secure the cap, label and date your infused oil. Keep in the refrigerator if you’re using fresh ingredients like garlic, lemon or peppers and use within 3 weeks. You can keep infused oil up to a few months if you use dried herbs.


Chili and garlic oil

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