How to make a Colorful Magazine Bowl

I came across this funky DIY magazine bowl in an old arts & crafts book and simply had to try it for myself. Make sure you have enough free time on your hands and a lot of patience. A perfect way to keep the kids busy during the holidays!

You’ll need:

Here’s how:

Step 1:  Remove pages from the magazine. More colorful pages will give your bowl more color.

Step 2:  Start by folding a page in half to make a crease down the middle. Then fold each side toward the middle crease. Fold the outside edges toward the center again. And repeat a final time. Fold the paper in half down the center to make a thin paper “stick”. You will need dozens of these depending on how large you want your bowl to be.

Step 3:  You can now start making the base of your bowl. Bend one end of a paper stick and start coiling. Seal with mod podge as you go along so it doesn’t unwind. Coil as tightly as you can to secure the base. You can continue coiling until you’ve reached the desired diameter of your bowl. Mine is about 10 cm

Magazine bowl coiled base

Step 4:  Now you can make the coils that will form the upper part of your bowl. Coil a paper stick around something like a thick marker and secure with mod podge. Once you think you have enough coils to complete your bowl, you can double that amount then you might have enough!diy magazine bowl

Step 5:  Starting at the edge of your base, use your glue gun to glue the coils straight up around the base with a slight incline outwards. Continue gluing the next row of coils on top of the first, giving form to your bowl.

Step 6:  Once you’ve reached the desired depth of your bowl, spray it with a coat of clear paint to give it a glossy finish.

*You can make the bowl one color by spray painting it or choosing similar colored pages.

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