DIY Luxury Bath Bombs

Have you ever been into a LUSH store? I stumbled upon one at the Cape Town Waterfront and I found myself in heaven. The first thing that hits you is the smell and you’ll start getting excited like a little kid at Christmas. It’s the ultimate bath and body shop overflowing with amazing handmade soaps, salts, scrubs and soaks. They have an entire range of bath melts that look edible – YES, I know! Imagine bath bombs that look and smell like cupcakes and chocolate brownies! Needless to say, by the time I finally exited the store, I was bankrupt.
Here’s a whiff of what you’ll find in a LUSH store.

Lush Store

Unfortunately (and fortunately for my wallet) I’m far away from Cape Town, so I had to find a way to make my own bath bombs. After trial and error, this recipe worked like a, excuse the pun, bomb! My friends and family love them, and the cool colors and interesting fragrances are endless. Here’s my tried and tested recipe to make your own luxury bath bombs.

You’ll need:

Here’s how:

Step 1:  Sift the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix well.

Step 2:  Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and add about 6 or 7 drops of food coloring. Shake well.

Step 3: Scoop a cup of the dry mixture into a separate bowl. (Preferably a glass bowl so that the food coloring won’t stain the bowl.)

Step 4:  Spray some colored water into the dry mixture and mix immediately so it doesn’t fizz. Keep spraying and stirring until you reach the color you want and the mixture can be molded together with your fingers. (This will take a while.)

Step 5:  Add a few drops essential oil and mix through with your hands.

Step 6:  Compress the mixture tightly into silicone baking molds or trays. Allow to set for 3 hours before removing the bath bombs from the mold.

Bath Bombs-1

*Note: Allow your bath bombs to dry thoroughly before using. If it doesn’t fizz when you put it in water, then the mixture might have been too wet when you put it in the mold. Try adding a bit more citric acid and less water to your next batch.    
Bath Bombs-5

Bath bombs make great gifts and people will be really impressed that it’s homemade. Play around with different colors and shapes. Try it out for yourself and notice how it softens the water and smells terrific. Leave a comment and let me know how your bath bombs turned out!

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