Good Food & Wine Show – My Favorite Event of the Year

It happens like this… I’m on my way to work on a regular Tuesday morning when I catch a glimpse of a poster that instantly makes my day, informing me that the Good Food and Wine Show is coming up! While still driving, I illegally get my husband on the phone and share my excitement! Since being a grownup and appreciating things that I would’ve found boring a few years back, I’ve ditched my yearly Oppikoppi excursion for the Good Food and Wine Show, which has become my favorite event of the year. Not to mention that I easily spend the same amount on alcohol and food that I would at a music festival, I just don’t consume it all in one weekend, although I do give myself a run for my money.

Think gourmet foods, cheap and expensive wines, celebrity chefs, free tasters, giveaways, chocolate, cheese, sauces, kitchen gadgets and just overall good fun. It’s the perfect event to dress up a little, spend money impulsively and tap into your sophisticated self. Grab a glass and get carried away with all the wonderful flavors –  It’s like speed dating with food.

Here are some memories from 2015’s Good Food & Wine Show…

It was a treat to have my lovely parents with us.Good food and wine show-4

Hubby and me indulging…Good food and wine show-5

Some VIP time with Chef Benny from MasterChef South Africa.Good food and wine show-3

We had front row seats to Chef Benny cooking up a fanTASTIC rice dish with fish, peppers and corn. Good food and wine show-1

Check out the cool mirrors they had above the work area so the audience can see what’s cookin’. Yes, those are my black-stockinged legs.Good food and wine show-2

We were lucky enough to get a taste and man… I had to snap a photo of the recipe for you.Spicy fish and rice casseroleThis should be the standard size of oysters!!!! I was in heaven…Good food and wine show-6

Until we meet again next year…

Have you been to a Good Food & Wine Show? Feel free to share your experience in the comments! And give me a heads up on any product or brand that I need to try!

Click here if you’d like to read more about the Good Food & Wine Show.

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