How to Paint Concrete or Cement Pots

We’ve had these pots around our house since I was a kid. When my mom finally grew tired of them, I jumped at the chance to repaint them for my own home. They’re quite expensive to buy, so grab them if you find some for a bargain or lying around someone’s house. It’s truly amazing what some paint and beautiful flowers can do – they look brand new!

You’ll need:

Acrylic exterior house paint ( I used leftover roof paint)

Sand paper
Old newspapers
Concrete, ceramic, or cement pots

Here’s how:

Step 1: Start by sanding the pot with sand paper and try to get rid of  the old paint as much as possible.

how to paint cement pots

Step 2: Thoroughly wet down the pot with water. The dampness will suck in the paint and prevent it from peeling easily later on.

Step 3: Lay some newspaper on the ground outside, and place your pot on top.

Step 4: Paint around the edge and on the inside to where you think the soil level will be. Don’t worry too much about painting in a particular direction.

Step 5: Now paint  from the bottom upwards. You can tilt the pot back with one hand to get to the tricky parts that’s hard to see.

paint concrete pots paint cement pots

Step 6: Paint each side of the pot making sure you’ve covered all the grey spots sticking out.

Step 7: If necessary, let dry and paint another coat over the first layer. No re-wetting is needed.

Step 8: If the pot doesn’t have holes in at the bottom already, drill about 2-4 holes in the bottom of the pot where the water can seep through.

If you like, you can highlight the raised areas on the pot with another colour.

paint cement pots

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