You’ve Got Mail

What sits in the corner, but travels the world? A stamp! But bad jokes aside, you can now stay at home and travel the world too.

I first read about Postcrossing in an old Ideas magazine. It came with a couple of free postcards to get you started and I remember buying the mag without reading the article and didn’t know what to do with the worthless postcards. When I finally did read it, I rummaged through my drawers to find them so I can get started! The project is about sending and receiving postcards to random members around the world. The cool thing about it is that you never send or receive a card from the same person. Once a card you sent gets delivered, you will receive a card from another random person! Of course it does allow you the option for direct swaps if you’d like to stay in touch with someone.

I have been a member now for just over a year and it’s become one of my favourite hobbies. The pure joy of receiving a hand-written postcard in your mailbox with a city-view or painting from far away is simply magical. Postcrossing allows people to connect in a small yet significant way and receiving a piece of some stranger’s life has enriched my life. It’s a great way to learn about cultures, traditions, languages, art, history and foreign places.

I collected postcards from all over South Africa as a child, and when I moved into my own place I actually threw them out!!! I still beat myself up about it as postcards are hard to come by where I live. This is why I buy most of my postcards online. It adds great variety to your collection because half the fun is reading someone’s profile to see which type of cards they like. The hobby is pretty addictive and can become quite expensive, (there are members with 1000’s of sent and received cards) but you can manage how much you want to send and receive. Needless to say that South Africa’s postal service is on the slow side so even if I’d like to send more, I have to be patient.

Here are some of my favourite postcards that I’ve received:

This was one of the first cards in my mailbox, and I knew I was hooked!Postcards-8

And of course…Postcards-9Postcards-10

Who doesn’t love lighthouses?Postcards-6

And don’t forget the stamps and stickers..Postcards-7

This is so cool!Postcards-4

Gotta love the handwritingPostcards-5

Dan Brownish – love it!Postcards-3

Buy Postcards Online

Here is a copy of my Postcrossing account map of my sent and received postcards.

Postcrossing map

If you’re interested in joining the Postcrossing community, click here. If you’d like to check out my profile, my username is MissTeeq. Maybe drop me a line and I’ll happily reply!

Happy Postcrossing!!! xoxox

Get started with these awesome postcards.
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