Toy Key Chain DIY

Just look at these tiny toy key chains! I especially love the army men (see below). I can’t even remember when last I saw one, so imagine my excitement when I went shopping for little green plastic army men! They bring back memories of my brother and I playing with his toys – I didn’t like dolls until much later. These make very unique friendship gifts and the colour options are endless! Half the fun is shopping around the kids’ aisles for small toys.

You’ll need:

Here’s how:

Step 1:  Start by giving each toy a coat of paint, either by hand painting or spray painting them. Allow to dry thoroughly between several coats.

Step 2:  When the toys are all covered with paint and completely dry, spray or paint them with a protective sealant to prevent the paint from chipping away. I just used a clear spray paint which seemed to work great.

Step 3:  Once the paint is dry, use pliers to screw the eye hooks into the toys by pressing and turning.

Step 4:  Attach the key rings to the hooks and your key chain is complete!

If you find really cool toys that you want to keep as is, just skip steps 1 and 2

Army men keyrings

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